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Do You Like the Great Popular Songs?
If you like the genius of The Great American Songbook and the songs of Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, George Gershwin, Andrew Lloyd Webber . . . then why not join hundreds of thousands of people around the world who enjoy Jim Gibson's flowing solo piano arrangements?

Jim records songs you know and love, and his approach isn't like anything you've likely heard before.

"I love Jim's solo piano music, and we listen to it every day. It's an intriguing style and the songs are all familiar. I only with there were printed arrangements so I could lean to play Jim's versions!"

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 Hundreds of thousands of people around the world enjoy Jim's music through his solo piano CDs and downloads, and the story of his recordings and their success helps explain why these improvisations are so unusual.

Jim's unique solo piano CDs grew from many years spent as a "working pianist" in every imaginable setting and from Jim's understanding that people like to hear "the melody." He brings this approach to well-known and long-loved songs, and people everywhere enjoy the results.

How Jim's CDs Came About

It starts with friendship . . .  and chance.

Way back in the fall of 1996, Jim had the idea of making a simple cassette tape of "real" Christmas music for his friends. He wanted to play well-known Carols and songs in a relaxed and peaceful way that reflected how he feels about the season, so he spent time at the piano, improvising nice quiet versions of these songs, and made a few cassettes.

"I was really stunned at the reaction," he says. "We got so many calls from folks who wanted more of the cassettes for their friends and family that I had to go find a company to make 250 more tapes--quickly!. I really didn't expect that---I was just making a musical Christmas gift for some friends."

A Lightbulb Moment

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About that time, Jim and his family stayed at an inn in Bryson City, North Carolina and saw solo piano CDs and tapes for sale in the inn's shop. "A light bulb literally went off in my head at that moment," Jim continues."The Olympics were coming to Atlanta, and I thought I'd just make a recording of traditional Southern songs for shops to sell to tourists."

That first CD, Songs of the South, came from that decision, and it is still our best-selling title. It's been used in movies and TV productions, and is enjoyed by people all over the world who like wonderful piano arrangements of well-known songs. And it proves that melodies, like those of Stephen Foster, still appeal to listeners.

As Hickory Cove Music grew, Jim refined his approach. What had started by chance--quiet improvisations on well-known songs for a personal Christmas gift--became a guiding plan.

An Accident Turns Into a Plan

"I'd been playing the piano commercially for over 20 years at that time, and had grown up in a musical family, just playing the piano because my mother was my piano teacher, I guess. But when I started talking to folks who'd bought my early CDs, I realized that what they really liked was the quiet and flowing nature of the songs. I think that kind of improvisational freedom only comes from years of playing all kinds.of music, and believe me---I've played it all.

"I often think back to a day in the early 1970s when I was playing a solo piano job at an upscale restaurant in Atlanta. I was young, and I confess that I played a lot of notes back then---way too many, I'm sure. But I wanted to play jazz, and young jazz players all go through the 'too many notes' stage.

"That night, a tired-looking businessman came over and propped his elbow on the piano. 'Young man,' he said, 'You're playing the piano the same way I've been going all day. Fast and furious. Can't you please play something to help me relax?'

"That was decades ago, but I've remembered it ever since, and it's actually written on the wall in my studio. Can you play something to help me relax? That's what I want the CDs to do, and I think it's working!"

So as Jim plans each new CD, he looks for familiar popular songs, many from our history, and many from the 'Great American Songbook.' He then plays them in a truly intriguing way, weaving styles and keys and tempos into a tapestry of uplifting, soothing piano music. The songs are familiar--many are old---but the approach is contemporary and uniquely Jim's

 "I just love your music. . . I didn't really know piano music could be so pretty, and so relaxing. I don't know how you do it, but I just love the way you play."

Peaceful Music for Stressful Times

That's been our slogan since we started producing Jim Gibson's solo piano CDs in 1996. Familiar songs, played in an unusual way that's calming and refreshing. But never boring; Jim's goal is always to make music that works as either background or foreground music.

Make Jim's quiet, flowing solo piano music part of your life today, and find out why hundreds of thousands of people around the world have become fans of this superb pianist.

One customer wrote, "Your music, believe it or not, makes me feel better than my doctor's prescriptions. It's just so relaxing."

We have letters from a dentist in London who plays Jim's music all the time in his office.

And from a couple who live on a boat in the Copenhagen harbor who "listen to your music every night during dinner."

And we have letters, cards, notes and emails from literally hundreds of folks around the world who write to tell us how much they enjoy this accomplished but fresh pianistic approach to songs they already know and love.

People write to tell us how Jim's music has become part of the soundtrack of their lives because the music touches them somehow.
They tell us they don't get tired of it . . . many listen to Jim's flowing arrangements every single day.

You can join them in enjoying this master pianist's music at home and in your car, either with CDs or MP3 downloads..

To make this quiet solo piano music part of your life, just browse the CDs on this site and listen to samples from each recording.

If you like, simply give us a call at 1-888-427-4260 to use any credit-card. (And if you have a Paypal account, you can securely order directly from this site.)

All Jim's CDs are easily available at Amazon, though our periodic sales do not apply there, and you can also easily download the albums from any of your favorite download sites, including iTunes, Amazon and all the others.

Want a printed brochure? We'll be happy to send you one.

 " . . . I wanted to tell you that your music really touches the heart. It is so soothing and enjoyable. I really enjoy ALL of it, and so do my customers!" --from Pam, a Hickory Cove retailer in California

"Here's an order for 'Tapestry'--the only one of your CDs we don't have. We LOVE your music here in Australia."

See what these customers are enjoying by clicking on the BROWSE ALL RECORDINGS link above. You'll find info on all our relaxing solo piano CDs, song samples from each one, and easy MP3 download links.

And, if you'd like to order or get information by phone, just call us at 1-888-427-4260. We'd love to talk to you.

peaceful music for stressful times since 1996

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